help Queenslander's affected by the floods

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Sign up post
help_qld_mod wrote in help_queensland
Hi, guys

This is the sign up post for help_queensland  , if you can create anything or just want to donate please please join us to help raise money for this natural disaster that just keeps getting worse.

The format can be copy pasted from below, and if there are enough offers I might make another post by categories later. Until then feel free to offer anything you can contribute.

If you would like to offer words - fanfic, original fic, a printed book or printed fanfic, beta reading services, podficcing services, non-fanfic editing services or the like, please use the template below to offer your words or word-related services. If you're offering a story, feel free to provide a maximum and/or minimum word count.

User Name:
Email address:
You can see things I've created/written at:
I am offering:
Fandom/s (if appropriate):
Additional Info (optional):

Starting Bid:

If you would like to offer art such as fanart, original art,, tarot card designs, prints, something you've already created, cartoons, sculpture or 3-D art, art for the winning bidder's fic, a fanvid, jewelry or photography, please use the template above also to offer your artistry.


For those bidding,

please leave your bid in the comments below the entry you are interested

Bidding Rules

Bid by commenting to the Offering post.

Bids must be raised by at least a dollar per bid

I'll leave the bids open for a week to give us time to garner interest, then we'll close bids and the winner for each item will be notified . If anyone thinks we should leave the bids open longer just let me know.

All the money will be donated to the Premiers flood appeal and the info can be found here just scroll down to see the details.

Please help if you can, Our state is overwhelmed, and although the news in the states (on one broadcast I saw) made it out to sound like we were very remote (and even though it started out in the rural cities,) its now compounded exponentially and is devastating Brisbane ...and even heading down to the southern states, they are even saying we might end up with 5 states in flood...something I cant even envision.
Our state capital has water flooding the central business in the streets...

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User Name: elsewhere_kels
Email address: fandom(dot)shining(at)gmail(dot)com
You can see things I've created/written at:
I am offering: One podfic at a maximum length of 15,000 words
Fandom/s (if appropriate): Supernatural, SPN RPF (J2, mostly), Kingdom Hearts, Merlin, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Gundam Wing AC (a few other animes).
Additional Info (optional): I will read gen, slash, femmeslash and het but I'd rather avoid Wincest and Arthur/Gwen. I would have put Buffy and Doctor Who as fandoms but I'm picky with those - no slash for Buffy (femmeslash is fine) and I only ever watched DW when Donna was companion. (Sorry about all the stipulations XD)

Starting bid: $5

Edited at 2011-01-13 06:18 am (UTC)

Thanks so much for bidding! Just commenting to let you know that a higher bid of $16 has been offered, but it wasn't in reply to this comment and I wanted to ensure that everyone had all the information they needed. :)

Thank you for the information!

Hi, thanks so much for bidding! Just to let you know, I've informed the other bidders of yours to ensure that everyone has all the information they need. :)

Congratulations, you're the winning bidder! Thank you so much for your generosity. <3
Once you've made your donation and emailed me a screenshot of the confirmation (or forwarded your confirmation email) I'm excited to talk about the fanfiction you would like recorded. :) Give me a shout at fandom(dot)shining(at)gmail(dot)com!

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